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DoLaTeX - Frequently asked questions

Why do you call it "DoLa-Tex"?

We don't. It is called "Do-LaTex".

Why would I create a project?

Because this way it is easier to maneuver around different files. Also you have the ability to create a "folder"

What is a folder anyway?

A folder is a collection of files that DoLatex can work with. Folders are processed before and after Latex is run on your document. This way, if you have a series of Images which must be converted to encapsulated postscript before Latex is run by e.g. convert, you can put them in a folder.

What about the Latex-files folder?

The Latex-files folder contains the Latex files. Every project has a Latex folder.

Can I include a file within another file?

Yes. This is one of the great benefits of DoLatex. Latex allows inclusion of files within files by using the "\input" command. DoLatex will your search Latex-files from your project for one or more files which are main files i.e. contains the "\documentclass" header.

So what happens if my project has multiple main files?

Both are shown as main files in the tree view.

What is the tree view anyway?

The tree view lists the sections, subsections, subsubsections (and more) of your document in nested order. This way if you have a large document you can unfold parts of the document. It also allows you to see the current structure of the document. If your files include other files the tree view will treat all files as one structure. Use Ctrl-t to jump to the tree-view with the keyboard.

How do I add e.g. xfig, jpeg or png files to my project?

You create folders for each file type. Fortunately there are template folders for these. Simply select new folder and the folder type you wish. Unfortunately the templates use the Linux program "convert" which is not common on Windows. Windows user may wish to use another program.

How do I add figures to my Latex document then?

The easiest way for a beginner is by using the eps and figure packages. Insert the \usepackage{epsfig}, \usepackage{wrapfig},\usepackage{graphics} at the top of the document after the documentclass bit. Now at position in the document you can insert an EPS-figure by
\caption{ This is my first graphics }\label{fig:mygraphics}
Of course you graphic file must be encapsulated postscript before you can insert it.

So how do I change a folder's properties?

Right click on the folder and select properties.

This folder idea is great. Can I edit files from folders?

Yes. The all files can be edited from within DoLatex, however if you wish to use an external editor for e.g. XFig files simply right-click the file of the folder and choose edit.

What kind of Latex setup does DoLatex work with?

A general Miktex or Linux installation should work fine.

What is Texify

Texify is a "wrapper" program for Latex. It determines if e.g. Latex needs to be run again to get references right in the document.

So do I need Texify to run Latex from DoLatex

The answer to this question is "no". However anyone who works seriously with Latex may benefit from Texify. Do yourself a favor and get it.

How do I run Latex

You press the "run" icon (see the little stick-boy) or select run from the Latex menu.

Running Latex opens a split window in DoLatex with a lot of codes. What are these?

Well.this is Latex output. You can select colored lines which contain errors or warnings and go directly to that line in your project to fix the problem. DoLatex even jumps to the right file the error occurred in.

Alright now I have seen the command output. How can I close it?

Press the show-command-window icon.

How can I view the document

If you have a dvi-viewer installed simply press the DVI button. Latex chooses Yap as default viewer on Windows and XDvi as default viewer under Linux. You can change this setting in the Latex-configuration which is selected from the Latex menu.

What are the PS and PDF buttons for

You can also see the document as a postscript or PDF file. Latex will convert the dvi file to postscript and pdf with dvips. You need to have dvips installed to do this.

The tool window keeps getting in my way. Help me!

Press the show-tool-window button and it will disappear.

Why is the new-document icon pink

This is an error. It is not pink in Linux. Don't know why...

In Linux DoLatex crashes with Gdk-CRITICAL. Why?

This is the currently only known serious problem with DoLatex. It happens because DoLatex and GTK are enemies fighting a constant war against each other. No seriously. We are trying to fix it. Apparently the problem only occurs if you do anything with you terminal during "run". Just freeze or use the Windows version instead.

So is the Windows version better?

DoLatex is primarily developed for Windows but theoretically should work fine with Linux. The differences comes from the fact that the Linux version of WxPython uses GTK. In general WxPython for Windows is more stable than the Linux version. However both the Linux and Windows version work fine and there are only small differences with respect to the user interface. All other parts are equal.

Windows is annoying. I can't export in postscript or eps. Can you help?

Well. This is a bit of an off-topic but alright. The trick is to understand the Windows printing system. Any useful drawing program can use your printer. Now install a postscript printer (e.g. AppleWriter II or something) and connect it to the file port. This will save output to a file. The specifics probably vary from Windows version to Windows version. When the printer is installed select its properties. Somewhere within the properties you should be able to alter the postscript configuration. In my Windows 98 it is under the "postscript" tag. Select encapsulated postscript from the box saying postscript. Now you can export to eps from any program by using the printing system. If only the guys at Redmond had come it with a more natural way to do this.

Wow I am amazed. I want to start coding Python now. Can you help me?

No. And no. Go to

Could you please make a plugin for C++, C, Java and HTML?

Although not impossible to use DoLatex for other languages than Latex, DoLatex is a Latex editor. So no.